Quality Assurance – in compliance with ISO 9001:2015

The IMS policy is ‘Safety First’. It is the core value in everything we do. We have to do the job properly the first time we do it – every time!

The protection of the environment, health and safety are all of equal value. It is the joint responsibility of the company’s management and all employees to strive to ensure this by the achievement of four simple goals:
No accidents
No harm to people or property
No damage to the environment
No work related illness

Through our goals,

We pledge to commit ourselves to continuously develop and comply with the ISO 9001-2015 standard and all applicable international conventions, mandatory rules and regulations.

We plan and execute regular reviews and audits of the QEHS system to ensure its purpose.

We continuously develop and maintain a leading edge on personnel training and development.

We deliver to our customer value added service by employing personnel with relevant education and training.

with the requirements of this Manual in their area of responsibility.

In order for our organization to have sustainable development, we considered the following interested parties: Customers, Employees and Shareholders, establishing the following general objectives: