Rig services

IMS has developed a high class rig concept with focus on efficiency, cost, safety and quality.

IMS services are flexible, hybrid turn-key, turn-key or a manpower solution.

We deliver 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Potential scenarios where IMS can assist you:

Emergency repairs:

IMS has a core group of experienced rig repair Tradesmen available for short notice mobilization. We know that planning can be a challenge, especially when emergency situations occur. IMS will always strive to mobilize as quickly as possible maintaining the highest quality assurance standard.

Planned projects, 5 year class renewal, modifications:

IMS will assemble teams with qualifications based on your requirements and scope of work. We will in advance coordinate with your planning and work scope specification requirements in order to ensure utilization of the right group of Tradesmen with applicable certifications and experiences.

Transit projects:

IMS will assist you with any project in transit anywhere in the world minimizing potential off hire time.