Our latest activity

Chemical Tankers:

Fabricating of foundations and fan installations related to Exhaust Gas Scrubber systems.

Modification of piping system, super duplex materials.

Cable pulling and cable connection in distribution boxes.


Pure Car Carriers:

Replacement of entire grey water piping system.

Repairs of deck piping, brackets, supports.

Gas freeing and repairs of fuel oil tanks internals.

Replacement of entire ballast water piping with NOV Bondstrand piping throughout all ballast water tanks.

Car deck steel replacements.


LNG Carriers:

General welding, Insulation and fitting on board.

Pipes and bracket replacement on deck and engine room.

Mechanical work.

Hydro blasting and cosmetic upgrades.

Structural repairs of life boat davit and winch foundations.


Crude Oil Tankers

Fitting of additional closed chocks on deck inclusive of installation of underdeck reinforcement.

Steel replacement in ballast tanks inclusive of repairs of main deck cracks.

Replacement of main deck fire mains.


Product Tankers:

Various electrical repair and maintenance work on deck.

Repair of sea water piping and steam system on deck.

Welding repair of main boiler burner housing.


Cruise Liners:

Installation of Exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Pipe systems repairs and modifications, NOV Fiberglass, Future Pipe and Georg Fischer pipe systems.

Modification, installation and repairs of fire sprinkler systems inclusive of fire line replacements.

Structural steel repairs and modifications in tanks and passageways.

External window repairs and re-sealing.

Renewal of hot and cold water main lines, raisers and manifolds using GF pipe materials.

Life boat davits maintenance and repairs including sheaves, foundation bolts, wires.

Fuel oil tanks cleaning and gas freeing.

Fuel oil tank welding repairs.

Insulation of chill water lines including removal of old insulation material.

Various stainless steel welding repairs and modifications of galleys and laundries inclusive installation of stainless steel pirate gates.

Demolition and removal of incinerators and evaporators.

Dismantling, removal and reinstallation of shaft generator.

Reverse Osmosis plant installations.

Installation and termination of new net work cables for onboard network and signal cables for fire doors monitoring.

Exhaust gas boiler casing repairs.

HVAC ducting repairs and replacements.