Instrumental Marine Services International Ltd.


IMS is a service provider supplying qualified personnel and services to the ship and offshore repair and construction industry World-Wide. Since the company’s establishment in 1989, ship and rig owners, ship and rig repair construction yards around the globe have made IMS their source for qualified personnel. This is attributed to the experience, work ethics, skills and safety focus of all employees, in the field and back at the home offices.To meet requirements in the Norwegian ship and offshore repair industry, IMS services are supplied through its Norwegian brand Instrumental Marine Service Norway AS.

Victaulic pipe coupling systems – a smart and cost effective solution to pipe repairs and installations

Victaulic ( was founded in 1925 and have since its start produced couplings for a variety of pipe applications. From years of being in the pipe repair and installation business, the Victaulic couplings are commonly used. Whether it is a ship, an offshore rig, onshore facility, repairs and installations can be easily carried out without any hot work. With a tough market requiring full asset utilization, IMS offers in service cost effective and permanent repairs, installations and retrofits performed by personnel meeting all certifications for work onboard ships and offshore oil rigs. To ensure quality and safe installations, additional pipe fitter training is provided to IMS by Victaulic.

IMS team completes assignment onboard SeaDrill offshore rig.

IMS pipe fitters/tube benders assist Fire Protection Services Inc. of Houston, Texas in installation of a water mist fire protection system onboard a Seadrill oil rig.

With more and more projects being carried out in service, IMS offers trained and certified personnel for pipe repairs, installations and modification works onboard ships and offshore oil rigs. All IMS rig personnel have undergone safety training meeting offshore requirements.

Georg Fischer piping systems – offshore applications by IMS pipe technicians

Besides conventional piping systems, IMS offers trained and certified pipe technicians for installation of Georg Fischer +GF+ plastic pipe systems. With offshore certified technicians, IMS additionally offers installations of newly United States Coast Guard approved SeaCor ™ and SeaDrain ™ plastic piping systems. Reference GF Piping Systems publications:

Meet the IMO A753 (18) Part 5, for low flame spread  

Meet the IMO A753 (18) Part 2, for low smoke and toxicity 

May be installed in concealed spaces in accommodations, service and control spaces and need not meet the additional requirements of 46 CFR 56.60-25 (a) * (that requires smoke detectors for plastic pipe in these spaces.) 

Please contact us for any inquiries, IMS teams are ready for dispatch world-wide on short notice.